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Get ready to race!

Grab your kart—and your Nintendo Switch system—and challenge rival speedsters in a variety of action-packed races.

Take on the Koopalings

Bowser Jr. and those mischievous Koopalings are real speed demons who are always looking to test their skills on the track. They’ll fill in any empty spots in a lineup, whether it’s a single or multiplayer race.

What’s your racing style?

Face off in a Single Race, race against the clock in a Time Trial, or go for the glory in the Grand Prix Cups. Each cup features 3 races, and are available at 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, or even the ultra-speedy 200CC!

Design your own track

Whether you like a no-nonsense speed loop or a twisty-turny track, you can make the Mario Kart course of your dreams with creative obstacles, classic items, and more!


Use custom gates to really mix things up! You start with the item box and boost gate, but as you complete Grand Prix cups, more complex gates will be unlocked, like the fearsome Piranha Plant gate!


Use classic items like the Banana or the dreaded blue Spiny Shell to get back in the race, or unleash the Chain Chomp, which now attaches itself to your opponent and drags them all over the track.


Change the look—and the obstacles—on your track by choosing from several different environments. Use the rainy environment to make the track extra slick or try the windy environment to push racers around!

Unlock even more fun!

If you collect enough coins while racing, you can unlock additional in-game karts, costumes, and more!